How to create and access buckets in amazon s3?

How to create and access buckets in amazon s3 with php?

In amazon s3 storage, files(objects) are stored inside buckets,we need to create buckets to store the objects.

To create buckets s3 provide different API, that is we can create buckets within code itself. Or we can create the buckets from s3 console itself.
We can provide the access permission of the bucket as Access Control List (ACL).
Also we need to select the region of the bucket, usually we select a region that is geographically near to our location.

Amazon s3 can be manage either by amazon s3 php SDK. We need to download or install the sdk with the help of composer.

Or Using Php s3 class More deatails about the same :

After connecting to aws s3 storage we can perform different operations there.(upload, copy, insert, delete etc) . How to create instance of s3 class ?

we can create bucket as:

$s3->putBucket(“testbucket”, S3::ACL_PUBLIC_READ);

we can access the created bucket as below:

Bucket name will be globally unique. So some conditions will be there to create buckets.

For more details: